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elizabeth akinlami

ELISABETH AKINLAMI holds a Master’s degree in Medical Physics.  She is passionate and skilful in helping children understand and play their roles in Securing A Friendly and Protective Environment™ for themselves.

Elizabeth is an educationist of over ten years of experience as a teacher, school administrator and HR practitioner. She is an excellent communicator, trained extensively in Communication for Development by UNICEF. She has evolved, as co-pioneer of a unique way of passing Social Development Knowledge/Information to our precious children and their distinguished primary and secondary caregivers, known as ‘STIR-UP the LEARNER™’

Elizabeth is a certified CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) practitioner and trainer with the American Red Cross. She is the co-founder and Executive Director of the TA Academy. She is also the co-founder of Securing A Friendly and PROTECTIVE Environment for Children Society, a non-governmental Organisation, committed to working with children, their caregivers and Child-Focused Practitioners on creating a globally compliant standards of providing care, which is sensitive to the peculiarity of  our dominant value system(culture) as Africans.

Elizabeth is married to Taiwo AKINLAMI and the family resides in Lagos, Nigeria.

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