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Teenage Experience


It is an interesting and challenging time to parent teenagers at any time in human history; it is by far more complex to do so in the 2020s as GenZ emerges at the most critical demographic on the scene. Today’s teenagers are potentiated both with limitless opportunities to positively transform the world, as they are faced with limitless options and tools to destroy it. The difference will be in each home and the dear assumptions and principles that govern both thinking and behavior right there in the home. The larger world, otherwise called society, actually has little or no offering for the teenagers; and the parents of their hearts and heads are the hope of their unique destiny.

Since 1997, well before we founded the Power Parenting Company, we have been a bridge between parents and their teenage children, working with both parties to identifying and reconciling seemingly irreconcilable difference, creating a path and pact for a meaningful, healthy, helpful, enduring, empathetic and inspirational relationships. 

Teenagers experienced the magic of our interventions and are today married with their own children and leading meaningful and impressive lives and leading changes in different areas of human concerns.  

We work with teenagers in mentoring capacity as well as support parents with usable clarity and direction. Do you need a meeting with us now? 

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