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Olimpia NIGLIO is a professor in Comparative History of Architecture at Hosei University (Tokyo); Research Fellow at Kyoto University Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Japan; Vice President ICOMOS PRERICO and ACLA, Asian Cultural Landscape Association.

In 2020 she has founded the international project “Reconnecting with your culture”. One of the aims of her project “Reconnecting with your culture” is to help our precious children to define their identity by the link to their cultural heritage wherever they are in the world.

Professor Niglio holds Ph.D. (University of Naples-Federico II), Executive Master at Business School Rome, and Post-Doc. (MIUR). 

Professor Olimpia Niglio, Asgardia’s Minister of Culture, holds substantial expertise in cultural heritage of the East and West, as well as aspects of comparative art history, architecture, and art management.

More information, publications, and academic activities: ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5451-0239
ACADEMIA: https://kyoto-u.academia.edu/ONiglio

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