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We are very well aware parents and would-be parents join our POWER PARENTING™ CLINIC mainly for the personal meaning and help it promises, but we found they stay in the clinic for the collective interaction and exchange.

It is the interaction and exchange with facilitators, within members and the opportunity for members to share their own usable contents that act as the glue holding the clinic together.

The clinic helps members to not only access on-going support and help, it is also where members form relationships, receive and give support, build connections and even make friends. It is the energy that has kept people subscribed to the clinic for years.

However, you cannot be part of the clinic without first becoming CERTIFIED POWER PARENT through the POWER PARENTING™ ACADEMY.

All who sign-up for the POWER PARENTING™ ACADEMY do have full access to the POWERPARENTING™ CLINIC . It is a continuous monitoring arrangement strictly for our CERTIFIED POWER PARENT.

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