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The future belongs to those who decide to see it, discerning enough to understand and interpret it, strategic enough to plan for it and foresighted enough to rent a space there. Thus Jeff Bezos said, he lives permanently in the future.   

The future is earlier than today and it expires before you get there. The future already began many years ago in the minds of the few, and many today are either completely oblivious of this reality or are struggling without the requisite skills to catch up. 

As it is with every sphere of human engagement, so is it with parenting that we must choose to see the future, interpret it, plan for it and rent a space for the same as we parent our precious children. 

The NEXTPARENT INDABA is an annual future-focused event in partnership with the KENNETH SORIYAN RESEARCH AND IDEAS LLC. The event is an a new franchise of the highly acclaimed NEXT365 INDABA. 

The new franchise will be part of a week-long set of activities addressing different areas of contemporary life annual, including family excellence. It is designed to bring to the fore the usable and transferable ideas all stakeholders in the parenting space (including children) must understand and master. Futurists and idea shapers from across the world will come together in diverse plenary sessions, panel discussions, workshops and breakout sessions. The objective is to empower participants to own what we call ‘The Future Advantage.’

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