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Olakunle Soriyan


OLAKUNLE SORIYAN Polymath. Iconoclast. Catalytic Thought Leader and Transdisciplinary Keynote Speaker. Futurist. Thought-Led Global Expression, Influence and Relevance Consultant and Strategist. Culture-Shaper. Philanthropist. Social Impact Investor. Mentor and Spiritual Guide. Those are the words to describe Olakunle Soriyan. The Ruckus as he is called by industry colleagues and stakeholders works globally helping LEADERS and HIGH IMPACT INDIVIDUALS (Culture Shapers, Deep Thinkers, Risk Takers, Change Makers, Decision Makers and Newsmakers) reach deeper dimensions of meaning and purpose, discern and embrace their due season for newness, architect higher levels of expression, global influence and continued relevance for themselves personally, and the ideas and projects they hold dear.

Daily, Olakunle Soriyan is focused on five (5) things, namely: (1) Helping leaders see the future of the world, and supporting them to take their stake in it; (2) Helping visionaries become influencers; and helping influencers become visionaries; (3) Helping Individuals and families find their personal meaning and purpose, maximize their humanity and live out the best version of themselves; (4) Helping people spread their ideas to the exact people and places designed for those ideas, anywhere in the world; (5) Helping high achievers disrupt their highest accomplishments and birthing their necessary next level in the process. helps action figures make the move from Point A to Point B globally.

His skills have served many individuals, families, arms of government and organizations across the globe, including Fortune500 companies like CocaCola, Microsoft, Total, Etisalat, and Shell. He is a also Forbes Council member. Olakunle Soriyan is Chair of the Board, and the Chief Knowledge Officer and Lead Strategist at KENNETH SORIYAN RESEARCH AND IDEAS LLC, an organization single-mindedly focused on high-impact individuals, visionary businesses and future-focused christian ministries. He is happily married to his beautiful and gifted wife, Tiwa; and they are both blessed with a son, David.

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