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Dr Olufemi Ogunsanya, gained a Second Class Upper, with Honours in Botany, from the University of Lagos, followed by a PhD, in Microbiology, from the University of Bristol, UK. She returned to her Alma Matter, the University of Lagos, to give back to the college from where she graduated, as a lecturer. She started as an Assisstant Lecturer and voluntarily retired as a Senior Lecturer, at the age of 38, after 10 years of interacting with the most wonderful sets of students and colleagues, in the Faculty of Science. Some of her students have become professors, lecturers, cardiologists, lawyers, and bankers.

Thereafter, she relocated to London as a Research Fellow at the University College London, for 3 years. She then progressed to pursue her interest in Microbiology by setting up a Quality Assurance company that serviced the food industry in London and Kings Lynn in the Midlands in the UK. She returned to Nigeria in December 1992.

In 1993, she observed increasingly low standards of Nigeria’s education system, where many university students had to deal with their programs being made several years longer through lack of organisation and lecturers’ strikes. Many parents were choosing to send their children abroad to receive the best education they could afford. She realised if there was a way these children could start that process on our home soil, in Nigeria, it would benefit the children and the parents. So the idea for Oxbridge Tutorial College was born on August 1, 1993, as the Premier Sixth Form College in Nigeria. In its near 25 years of existence Oxbridge Tutorial College has produced the best A/L and International Foundation results and maintains its position, in the industry, as the first and leading Sixth Form College in Nigeria. Several of the OTC students have proceeded to institutions of higher learning abroad, where some have graduated with Second Class Upper- and First-Class degrees in various disciplines. Her passion at OTC is not only for excellence in academics but also for a holistic development of the students.

For this reason, the students have been given leadership – training, critical thinking and social responsibility opportunities.

Her mantra are: “Kids First”; “No student should be left behind”; “Education without character is mere intelligence”.

Dr Ogunsanya serves on the boards of many reputable organisations and institutions like Association of Private Educators in Nigeria (APEN), The Women’s Circle Mentoring Group, Lagos Anglican Schools Management Board (LASMAB), Vocational Training Institute of Nigeria, Elizade University, just to mention a few.

In September 2015, she founded SWORTETALKS (Stories Worth Telling) which presents quarterly events, as a means of informing, inspiring and influencing the mindsets of not only the youth but across the board.

She has a passion for developing leadership qualities. She grew up in the Nigeria where integrity, hard work, honesty, security, accountability, transparency, respect for human life, kindness, caring and cleanliness were the order of the day. Her vision for the Nigerian youth is, not to perpetuate the path of destruction we are currently roller-coasting on, but to gradually and with determination, restore the afore-listed values, thereby restoring Nigeria to its former glory! She believes if the youth buy into this vision, it is achievable.

Dr. Ogunsanya has a keen interest in literature, tropical plants, African arts, and crafts and enjoys maintaining her fitness by long walks. She is a devout Anglican, mother, and doting grandmother.

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